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Palace 8 Marina boasts a massive area of more than 20,000 square feet. Located in Singapore, it is meticulously designed by world renowned designers. One of the most outstanding entertainment venue in Southeast Asia, it exudes the grandeur of the European architecture and modern art in one.

The interior design of Palace 8 Marina is avant-garde, novel and yet luxurious, elegant and classy, leaving a royal charm. The venue is equipped a wide range of entertainment facilities such as luxurious KTV rooms with unique decorations, laser light Hi-Fi with the latest technology, private rooms that are Wi-Fi ready, embracing the modern internet bar movement. A large floor area accompanied by state-of-the-finest-art technology and facilities makes Palace 8 Marina an all-purpose entertainment venue that is set to provide you with a five star prestigious experience as well as a cozy homecoming feel.


Palace 8 Marina, is designed to be a large social playground, providing customers with a world-class venue to mingle with the elite society. The venue is envisioned to be a role model of the high class entertainment industry with its top notch customer service and design.


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